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Safety. Efficiency. Ergonomics

The Himax offers a new dimension in surgical tables for the surgeon and patient. Its ergonomically designed compact base makes the Himax easy to move. The reliable multi-section table top allows convenient patient positioning for a wide range of surgical procedures, ensuring comfort for the patient without compromise for the surgical team.


Features include:

 • Height adjustable up to 1140 mm to accommodate unrestricted access during surgery.

• Quick and easy locking and unlocking of extensions.

• Exceptional mobility ensures manoeuvrability in all directions, even with the patient on the table.

• Compact base to maximize foot space for the

surgical team.

• Excellent stability by means of 4 electro-hydraulic powered floor locks.

• Additional safety offered by an integrated system override panel, providing emergency table operating controls, easily accessible outside the sterile surgical field.

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