SafMed Webinar Series

SafMed Webinar Series

SafMed Education is now offering webinar-based education sessions on clinical topics through the SafMed Digital Courses Webinar Series.

Hosted by Xana Jardine, these sessions will cover relevant decontamination, infection prevention and surgical topics and provide solutions to the challenges facing HCP’s in these areas.

Each SafMed Webinar will have an online test that can be completed on Microsoft forms and a certificate of completion will be issued if the test is passed.

Intro to Managing Instruments and Devices Contaminated by Pathogenic Microorganisms


Managing Instruments & Devices Contaminated by Pathogenic Microorganisms: Operating Room & Transport


Managing instruments & devices contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms. Part 1:Manual & Ultrasonic


Managing instruments & Devices Contaminated by Pathogenic Microorganisms: Part 2 :Automated WD


Managing instruments and devices contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms: Flexible Endoscopes