Evolution L Medium Steam Sterilizers

Evolution L Medium Steam Sterilizers
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STERIS' Amsco Evolution-L Medium Steam Sterilizer provides shortened validation time, increased flexibility, and unsurpassed reliability in applications such as sterile room supply, media preparation and terminal sterilization of hard goods, vented liquids and sealed packaged liquids. How The AMSCO Evolution-L Medium Steam Sterilizers Works Cycles are selected via a recipe list. Most parameters are user selectable. Cycle progresses through programmed cycle. Exposure temperatures are maintained within +/- 1.0C. WHY AMSCO Evolution-L Medium Steam Sterilizers? Ease of Use – Allen-Bradley PLC control provides one touch operation at ergonomic height. Productivity – Available in 26" x 26" for efficient sterilization of glassware, media prep and utensils with easy-to-read chamber/jacket gauges and 26" x 37.5" to provide the capacity required for handling higher volumes and accommodating large equipment such as animal cages. Easy to Maintain – ProConnect™ Remote Monitoring System can be provided to minimize response time and maximize unscheduled downtime with secure, internet-based, remote monitoring around the clock and around the globe. Flexibility –Systems maximize efficiency by fine-tuning the specific requirements of each individual load configuration via multiple cycles with fully adjustable parameters such as; a pre-vacuum cycle, a gravity cycle and a liquid cycle. Reliability –High quality materials and precision assembly help ensure each system will meet the demanding standards of lab operations.
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