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Introducing the HarmonyAIR G-Series Surgical Lighting System.

We challenged our engineers to make LED lighting more efficient, while still delivering uncompromising light performance and cool, white light. The result is the HarmonyAIR G Series Surgical Lighting System: high performance optics coupled to a streamlined suspension.

The G-Series uses a single-color, phosphor coated LED chip for crisp, white light without the color-fringing or color-shifting effects of multi-color LEDs. This provides natural color rendition, allowing surgeons to accurately and consistently assess and interpret tissue and vessel appearance, helping provide the best possible patient outcomes.

The advanced LED technology in our lightheads offer:

  • Cool, bright white light so surgeons stay comfortable even under the most demanding conditions
  • Accurate color rendition for discerning subtle differences in exposed tissue
  • Superior deep-cavity illumination that ensures superior lighting no matter how deep or narrow the surgical site
  • Excellent shadow control that virtually eliminates distracting shadows from surgeons head and hands
  • Energy efficiency, consuming less than 1/3 the power of previous generations of LEDs

Choose the configuration that is right for your OR:

  • Adjustable spot size lightheads for general surgery to large orthopedic cases
  • HD camera-ready lightheads for recording cases
  • Fixed spot size lightheads for surgery centers, acute care or cath labs
  • Flat panel, easy position monitor yokes, holds up to 32" monitors
  • Harmony® ConnectPoint Video Connectivity System provides power and video signal connections to quickly integrate your room and increase surgeon visualization
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