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Because theres no such thing as an unimportant part of your process. Hinge-Free manual instrument lubricant helps keep your instruments operating freely and easily. After you remove soil, its a great opportunity to add value, and protect your investment.

Hinge-Free lubricant is also formulated to provide a complete lubrication system for washer / disinfectors. Hinge-Free does not contain siicates, as not to prohibit the sterilization process. Excellent lubricating ability - Keeps Instruments operating smoothly.

Non-Silicone based formula - Does not interfere with steam or EO sterilization. Corrosion inhibitors - Prevents corrosion during sterilization. Neutral pH - Compatible with Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide, Aluminium, and Titanium.

Contains an antimicrobial as a preservative -Preservative ensures the in-use product will not support the growth of micro-organisms.

3.78 Litre Bottle 

5 Litre "Short" Bottle (Automated Washing)

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