Prolystica 2X Concentrate Enzymatic

Prolystica 2X Concentrate

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Prolystica Enzymatic Presoak and Cleaner is a dual enzyme formula which provides exceptional proteolytic performance within a broad range of water qualities and types. It is engineered to provide enhanced cleaning of fatty orthopaedic and protein soils in multiple applications.

Concentrated - Use at a low dose (1 – 4 mil/Litre)

Performance - Dual protease with advanced surfactant system results in exceptional cleaning Speed - Cleans and removes the most difficult protein, lipid, polysaccharide soil quickly and effectively.

Protect - Enhanced corrosion inhibitors protect instruments from the deleterious effects of water (even purified water is corrosive to instruments). Prolystica 2X Concentrate - Can be used manually, in ultra sonic cleaners and instrument washer disinfectors.

It is formulated with biodegradable chemistries to be environmentally friendly and its neutral pH ensures broad-spectrum substrate compatibility including aluminium, anodized aluminium and plastics.

Pack: 3,78 Litres

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