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A New Generation of Surgical Lighting Systems

STERIS'S engineers have totally re-thought the surgical lighting concept, they haven't tried to produce one lighting systems to suit everybody, but lighting systems adapted to each of your specialities.
The result is the XLED®, the most comprehensive surgical light offering on the market, from the single fixed spot to task-adjustable multi-spot systems covering the requirements of all surgical specialities. Whatever the configuration, XLED® offers the ideal intensity and amount of light for each application
Benefits offered by STERIS XLED:

Prime Choice LED’s
• Rated life > 50,000 hours
• Excellent Colour Rendering Index (RA = 95) and deep saturated red index (R9 = 97)
• Pattern homogeneity (no Rainbow effects) for enhanced visual comfort
• Delivering up to 160,000 Lux on the XLED3 and XLED4

Shadow Reduction

The 20 LED array in each spot produces 20 patterns that are perfectly superimposed, which means that if the operating field is partially obstructed, the area remains evenly lit.

Exclusive Wavelens System

Available as standard on XLED3 and XLED4, this patented system is used to instantly adjust the 25 to 30 cm pattern diameter through beam divergence. Adjustment is simple and intuitive: the light head does not need to be refocused or repositioned. Lighting quality is maintained.

Optimized Laminar Flow

The fluid and open shape of the XLED allows it to optimize the laminar flow output and thus contribute to patient safety

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