Sterisystem Dry-Base® instrument trays

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Instrument Trays & Transport Baskets - Belintra Instrument Trays
Designed for perfect washing & Sterilisation of surgical instruments. The Sterisystem Dry-Base® instrument trays are manufactured from AISI 304L grade stainless steel and comes with an electrolytically polished finish. The composition of the material is checked by an external knowledge centre. The baskets are compatible with all types of detergents, including strong alkalis.

The smooth, dry base completely traps any condensation moisture that may stick to the
packaging. This ensures that condensation moisture can heat up or evaporate under the
influence of radiation, convection or conduction.
The Sterisystem Dry-Base® instrument trays comes with a perfectly finished, top wire
which reduces the chance of perforations to a minimum.

The fine 2 mm holes made by the punch pattern guarantee a permeability of more
than 50%, which can only benefit the washing process. As steam and water can readily
penetrate during the sterilisation and washing process, an optimum result is guaranteed.
The sides protect the instruments against damage and have been designed to accommodate
extra fine instruments.

Our Sterisystem Dry-Base® instrument trays come with a perfectly finished top wire which reduces the
chance of perforations to a minimum and a 10 year warranty.

A silicone pad is available to ensure that the wrapped instrument baskets are safely stored on the mesh trays. It prevents the baskets from shifting when the mesh rack is transported or moved.Sizes:

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