TST LoadCheck Steam

Designed as a penetration test for use in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers. It is a challenge test for determining whether saturated steam is penetrating into the lumen type device. If steam penetrates through the end of the tube, the indicator will show a defined colour change from yellow to blue.

Available for 134C – 3.5 minutes, 134C – 4 minutes, 134C – 5.3 minutes and 134C – 7 minutes cycles.

Pack Size: 400 Tests

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TST LoadCheck Steam
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Loadchecks are Process Challenge Devices designed to test the sterilant penetration capability of the sterilizer and are made up of a barrier system, inside of which is a chemical indicator. The Browne Loadchecks use the helix method as their barrier system whereby sterilant has to penetrate down the helical tubing to reach the indicator at its centre. The Browne helix has been specifically designed and tested to eliminate many of the common problems associated with traditional helical designs.

Ergonomic design: Incorporates an easy grip cover together with a flatter indicator casing to allow easy opening and closing.

Plastic & PTFE construction: Cools down much quicker than metal so staff can handle sooner with less risk.

Radial seal with ‘stop’: Creates a perfect seal every time. Twist the cap to close it, and the tightening ‘stop’ prevents ‘over’ or ‘under’ tightening that can distort the seal and give erroneous results.

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