VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination Unit

VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination Unit

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With its high output, shortened cycle time, and ease of operation, the VHP® VICTORY™ Biodecontamination Unit establishes a new industry standard for room and facility biodecontamination.

 How the VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination unit works

The unit combines STERIS's patented, world renowned VHP® process technology with SmartPhase™ software technology and high capacity output to optimize cycle time and achieve desired bioburden targets.

SmartPhase software technology is a sophisticated software algorithm that responds to real-time sensor feedback adjusting unit parameters to provide the shortest biodecontamination cycle with achieving desired log reduction and limiting the possibility of condensation.

Why the VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination unit

  • Easy Operation - At a touch of a few buttons, SmartPhase software technology automatically runs the    biodecontamination cycle1
  • Shorter Cycle Time - With up to 40g/min of hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilant injection and SmartPhase    software control, decontamination cycle time is reduced
  • High Capacity - Capable of decontaminating single rooms of up to 566m3 (20,000ft3) and multiple units can    be used to decontaminate up to 5,000m3 (175,000ft3) at one time
  • Scalability - Network up to 10 VICTORY Biodecontamination Units via Ethernet
    Optional RealVNC remote software operation for synchronized biodecontamination of multiple rooms and    complete facilities
    Link up to 3 VHP TS1000™ Tri-Scale Sensors
    Link up to 2 VHP AR1200™ Aerators
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