Medisafe SI Digital Irrigator

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The Sonic Irrigator Digital PC+ gives consistent and unequalled cleaning results every time you use it! The SI Digital PC+ offers Sonic Irrigation with CPE (Cannulated Pulse Flushing System) but with the addition of monitoring features to record key performance data for instrument traceability.

Critical process parameters such as time, temperature and ultrasonic power are monitored in accordance with current guidance and international standards and can be recorded permanently through a discreetly placed ‘data-port’ which intelligently detects whether you wish to keep the information on a database system, or simply connect a printer for ‘hard-copy’ print out for ‘traceability’ and legislative issues.

Sonic Irrigation™

  • Easy control : touch screen interface
  • Cannulated Pulse Flushing System
  • Load performance optimisation
  • EN ISO 15883/CFPP 0101 compliant
  • E-Zee Load Tray System compatibility
  • Process Interlock
  • 12 cannulated instruments connections
  • Pre settable process times
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