Medisafe SI PCF ‘S’ Ultrasonic Irrigator Washer Disinfector

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Medisafe’s Sonic Irrigator series reduces the need for manual brushing and flushing of instruments, reducing the risk of cross contamination to the CSSD personal and increasing patient safety.
Designed and manufactured to meet all national and international decontamination standards this innovative equipment will help to improve productivity within the CSSD by reducing manual handling of potentially contaminated surgical instruments.
The Sonic Irrigator PCF will clean and disinfect 20+ lumen instruments in a single uninterrupted cycle. The instrument reprocessing workstation can be used as a standalone unit, twin or multiple wash station. The SI PCF System ~ Parametrically Controls the Flow through the lumen devices optimising both mechanical and chemical cleaning action inside the cannula while simultaneously controlling the propagation of unwanted wash foam build up. The inline Thermal Disinfection System is used to raise the temperature of the water in the rinse phase following both internationally recognised time temperature relationships and the A0 calculation.

The SI PCF System ensures all surfaces internal and external are exposed and are disinfected almost regardless of their length or bore. Unlike conventional washers, the Sonic Irrigator PCF delivers an exceptionally high pressure of wash fluid to the lumened instrument or device. Both the CPE™ (Cannulated Pulse Enhancement) and “Power Flush” systems have been scientifically tested to remove 92% of soluble residues in the first 20 seconds of the pre-wash phase, and the remainder of insoluble residues in the main wash phase. The SI PCF can accommodate two different types of baskets/inserts: Standard basket for washing everyday laparoscopic instruments and a Da Vinci basket. The Da Vinci basket can accommodate up to 10 EndoWrist® instruments

Sonic Irrigation™

  • Easy control : touch screen interface
  • Thermal disinfection (A0 3000)*
  • Instrument manufacturer approved
  • 20+ cannulated instruments
  • Water utilisation program
  • Traceability system compatibility
  • CFPP 0101/EN ISO 15883 compliant (US)
  • AAMI TIR 30 & 12 compliant
  • High volume throughput
  • Automatic locking lid
  • WRAS Compliant
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