The KERNA™ Surgical Table

The KERNA™ General Surgical Table

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The KERNA™ General Surgical Table is a multi-sectional, autonomous, electrohydraulic surgical table. KERNA™ General Surgical Table offers exceptional radiological access without the need for additional extensions or for the patient to be reversed. The KERNA™ General Surgical Table is suitable for most surgical procedures and has been designed to support patients and accessories weighing up to 300 kg. A standard remote control or an optional remote control can be both used with the table.  Movements may also be carried out by using the optional pedal. If using motorized legs (LEG10M or LEG01M), the optional remote control is necessary. An original integrated power system enables the table to run on battery or on Mains depending on user preference. The tabletop movements are motorised, with the exception of the headrest and manual split leg sections. KERNA™ General Surgical Table’s intelligent electronic E-Serve™ system allows users to operate the table remotely, and also allows for diagnostic and maintenance via computer performed by authorised and trained STERIS personnel (errors, history). The integrated ALS™ linear and angular position sensors avoid collisions between the motorised sections and the table. Finally, an integrated backup system (emergency panel) covering as many breakdown issues as possible, allows the user to continue the “in process” procedure and to remove the table from the room  




  • A fully functional operating table, with weight capacity of 270 kg.
  • Slide / longitudinal shift: 0mm / 230mm
  • Trendelenburg / reverse: 30° / 30°
  • Tilt: 20°
  • Flex / reflex: - 220° / 120° 
  • Designed to allow unimpeded C-Arm Access.
  • Simple & ergonomic hand control with direct access to all movements and Optional Hand Control with screen and Bluetooth.
  • Extensive range of accessories available for various surgeries.
  • Surface treated stainless steel on the table top, base & column for easy cleaning & disinfection.
  • Excellent stability provided by the 4 electro-hydraulic powered floor locks for uneven floors (compensation of up to 4mm).
  • Optimal accessibility thanks to the compact base design maximising foot space for the surgical team.
  • Impact resistant base cover.
  • 4 Different configurations available:
    • High version with 50 mm Velcro cushions: 705 – 1055 mm
    • Low version with 50 mm Velcro cushions: 705 – 1055 mm
    • Low version with 80 mm SnapLINX™ cushions: 595 – 945 mm
    • High version with 80 mm SnapLINX™ cushions: 705 – 1055 mm




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